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For, todays generation learning and speaking in English has become essential for the great success in both business and job prospects. Lets find out the best and easiest ways for the same.
1. Surround yourself with the ambiance where you can smell English, breathe English, eat English and sleep English. Yes, it meant to say that encircle you with the people whose native and only language is English. Here, in every conversation with them, among them, will travel you across some similar words and phrases which in the beginning you may not understand, but with the regular listening them will make your knowledge clear about it.
2. Listen carefully to others communication. Concentrate on their expression that will make easy to understand the words and phrases. Listening English songs are helpful. Though, in the beginning it wont be interesting, but repeatedly it allows you to understand it. Similarly, reading short stories and watching English movies are great options for the same. But, it needs to be repeated 3-4 times to get habituated of the same words.
3. Its natural that when you will start reading and learning, youll like to speak it the same time. And, even you will aim to catch the speed and fluency like others. So, here, it is advisable to apply brakes and slow down the speaking speed. The goal is to practice the correct English, but not to win any race. Even, the great speaker speaks at an average speed to hold the public because anyone gets interested only when they understand you.
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