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From the testimony of Isaeva Ludmila Nikolaevna, the resident of Bendery:

"...We had already known that volunteers of Moldova changed every two days. The volunteers from the nearest villages were the cruellest.

...On July 2, 1992 I saw volunteers and policemen were approaching our houses on the side of Kaushany road.

One of them noticed me and started shouting why I hadn't left the village. He was drunk. Then their commander entered the house. He was tall, stout, dressed in other kind of uniform. He began checking the documents. He asked us why we lived there, why we didn't know the Moldavian language. He told us that we disturbed them, that we didn't give them bread, that they had great problems because of us, etc.

Then he started to force my husband out with the gun; he threatened me not to go out. He left the man who came first to watch me.

I saw my husband being beaten with legs, guns in the yard... That volunteer who was inside the house tried to make me undress...

...Seeing my husband being beaten, I got away from the house and started asking them to stop the slaughter. They told me that they would burn the house. Then I offered them to take all they wanted, but to stop the slaughter. Their commander told that they weren't robbers, but free Dakes". (v.2, p.c.139-140)
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