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Old 01-23-2014, 03:15 AM
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Default To think or not to think

You can think or you can do what is necessary according Gods or Boss plan , never mind, results are the same ones.

Economists and financiers put money on the top and thatss why its so hard to get them.

Money are expected to be universal and to be unique, we are talking about money for everybody, remembering economic principle of cycling.

Financial streams rules our lives and we rules them in one great sacral cycle

Happy ones who live thinking about money, God bless you!

And happy ones who make them, common people bless you too

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All cynics our days feel themselves as practical and RIGHT, it seems to them that the common way for simplicity is very effective one.

And they face with the great paradoxes of life : first, there is no any simplicity in universe, second people can feel this without any ratio.

Our ratio was created by us and for us ONLY, not for UNIVERSE.

And sooner or later well come to universal language so its my logically made paradox for morning brain storming )))

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Oh, Ive read about Comedy Central american channel to be set as humour support on Russian TV!

It will be really fantastic hybrid of Russian semechkyi and American popcorn lovers in front of the monitors!

And I am looking very forward of the higher level of this crazy humor.

Thinking a little bit, I guess if the humor is so preferable nowadays may be for world crisis which trashed everybody from their warm and cosy mental fat nests, or may be its tendency all over the world to be kidding any place

Nevertheless I hope to have a good laugh and good business ( dont forget block of commercials on TV) for Americans.

And how many comedy plots can Americans write after such a close connection with our native TV, wait, please!

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Is it really hard to be two-speaking( or ever -three or more-speaking) one?

What a language Babylon now is round and inside us!

Going by our town I can hear a very strange and funny language cocktail from three or four languages, but I understand it and it makes me good.

Its a whole language strikes in every head and in every talks. What can win at last, and will it be this at last?

These devils words came from Internet society all these LOL, Wall, IMO and etc. are we really need them ?

Its very attractive to be so clear and fast nevermind you are loosing your individuality

LOL (oh MY GOD! I used it again!)
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