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Default Running mankind

Ancients admire running athletes because they know how difficult and wasting it was to learn the right cross not having good roads.

Nowadays scientists study all details and ever genetics of many famous runners to get the one formula...and fortunately they are still in vain!

So look at the word MANKIND and you'll see its important second part - KIND. It seems good and it seems right, thanks to English philology.

And ask yourself - why and for what are you running now if you can't be *part of kind men at the finish?

Most of all in our life needs optimization - saving efforts and finances, calculation at every level in business, let's have a look into this* marathon called historical development.

Civilizations, which used to *save their resources optimal in time, won.

China for instance, not Greece, the motherland of running athletes.

Its a paradox at first sight, but saving and directing information is modern imperative .

You must run as White Queen of * Lewis Carroll and you must think as great mathematician done.

Running Internet one can be nobody *and one can be everybody.
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