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"The real men of Moldova" didn't ever mean to carry out a resolution of their own Parliament. Moshanu, Chairman of the Parliament stated the causes of this fact in his statement published on June, 23, 1992 (p.c. 4, v.2).

"The real men of Moldova" were in such a hurry to restore the constitutional government bodies in Bendery and PMR that they couldn't wait for planned time; in the morning on 19 June, 1992 parents took away all their children from the kindergarten N22 that had two Moldavian groups ( where there were mostly policemen's children) ,(p.d. 93, v. 2); Deputy Minister of Internal Affaires of Moldova Katan was in Bendery on June 18 and 19, 1992 and got nervous, despite the request of Kogut, the chairman of Bendery executive committee, to stay in Bendery and take part in the work of the commission on peaceful solution to the conflict, right in the afternoon he left for Kishinev saying to his old friends that they should leave Bendery or " it was going to be bad there"(p.c. 182-183, v.2, Appendix 4,p.6).

A week before 19.06.1992 machine-guns had been set up on the buildings around the police department and on the roof of the printing-house under construction, people on round the day duty, and the building of police itself was fenced in blocks (p.c. 67-69, v. 2 ), weapons and ammunition were brought secretly there; for these purposes the cars of ambulance service were even used. Workers from enterprises and organizations supporting or being members of Christian Democratic National Front of Moldova began to leave the town on a mass scale before 19.06.1992 (p.c. 40-45). The only ones who didn't know about the war were civilians. The city leadership had information about preparing aggression at night on 19 of June, 1992, however, nobody would ever believed that somebody was capable of genocide against his own people (p.d.40-44, v.2).
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