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Default Tiraspol

Tiraspol is situated on the picturesque left bank of the river Dniester. The origin of the town is connected with the RussianTurkish wars of the 18th century for getting back the coast of the Black Sea. During the war of 17871791 the troops under the command of A.V. Suvorov gained brilliant victories. The war ended with Yassy treaty Peace and Friendship for ever. Assording to this treaty the territory between the Southern Bug and the Dniester was joined to Russia. And today's regions of the left bank of the river formed a part of that territory. To defend the new western frontier of the state it was decided in 1792 to build the Dniester fortified line. Tiraspol fortress was founded on June 22 (July 6) 1793 by A.V. Suvorov. To the east from the fortress one could see a suburb which in 1795 became a town and a centre of the district of the samejiame.

In 1835 the fortress was abolished but the town continued to develop as a commercial and economic centre. Tiraspol was the first town of the district connected with Odessa and its port in 1867 by the railway line. By the and of the 19th century Tiraspol had more than 100 big end small enterprises manufacturing production costing 400.000 roubles. The considerable part of goods was always sold at 3 biggest town's fairs Srednepostnaya. Voznesenskaya, Pokrovskaya. Merchants and businessmen from all parts of Russia came to those fairs.

Tiraspol is the birth-place of many well-known people. They worked in different branches of science and art. And between them Academician N.D. Zelinsky, the founder of the Soviet school of organic chemistry, three times State Prize laureate, discoverer of gas-mask; L.A. Tarasevich, a pathology-anatomist and bacteriologist; G.P. Larionov, a world-known Russian theatre artist and graphist; U.V. Shumsky, a well-known Ukrainian actor, two times State Prize laureate, People Actor of the USSR.

At the beginning of the 20th century, on the eve of the World War I, Tiraspol had a population of about 35,2 thousand people.

After the Revolution of 1917 the life of a small provincial town changed radically: Soviet of people's deputies, Trade Unions, many political parties appeared there.

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It 1929 Tirapol became the capital of the young republic and that fact, of course, favoured the development of industry and culture. The town became one of the largest industrial centres of the district. Canning and wine-making branches rose in importance: such factories as May First plant, the Tkachenko plant, the Kirov plant are well-known through all the country. Production achievements created conditions for cultural construction. In 1930 the first higher education establishment the Pedagogical Institute was opened. It 1932 the Higher Communist Agricultural school and Fruit and Vegetables Institute accepted their first students.

Tiraspol became the birth-place of the first national professional creative collectives: Moldavian Drama Theatre, choir Doyna, symphony orchestra and some other creative companies.

Peaceful work of the townspeople was interrupted on June 22, 1941. Regular troops of the Red Army, Tipaspol garrison and home guard resisted the enemy during some weeks. On the 10th of August the town was occupied by fascists. On April 12, 1944 the troops of the 37th Army of the Third Ukrainian Front liberated the town. Tiraspol was awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War First Degree for courage and dispaying fortitude during the war.
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