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How far and wide can the power of illusions created by the mind spread? Sometimes the border of one nation's illusions comes into conflict with the borders of others. Thus, seventy years ago the illusions of two different peoples collided and this clash of two systems resulted in an annihilation leaving several tens of millions of corpses. Today, at a distance, we can clearly see that both sides were equally wrong and their minds were distorted by ideology.

But at that time both National Socialism for one side and communism for the other were factually objective laws of life and death, a sort of metrics of the world and social interactions. Today they seem to have been blinded in their delirium, but looking around us, the landscape and the war still deeply entrenched in our minds - people haven't got over it yet - one can understand the extent of those illusions being materialised and how destructive was their mutual confrontation.
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