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11. He's the best dancer. He dances _____ than anyone else.
very beautiful
more beautiful
much more beautiful
more beautifully
12. They don't need any help. They can do it _____ .
their own
13. He _____ drink whisky, but he does now.
used to
wasn't used to
hadn't use to
didn't use to
14. It's wrong. You_____ do it.
shouldn't to
needn&39;t have to
15. When is he coming? I _____ for over an hour.
am waiting
have waited
was waiting
have been waiting
16. I'm tired _____ questions.
to answer
that I answer
because of to answer
of answering
17. I don't know _____ it.
because he did
why did he
why did he do
why he did
18. We'll phone as soon as we _____ the information.
will have
are going to have
are having
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