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Default Attack on Moldova Transnistria in 1992 year. Witnesses and victims of the tragedy.


From the testimony of Tsyganenko Alexander Valerievich, the resident of Dubossary:

"...When a dweller of Korzhevo district came to the Cossack post on the dam, she found seven brutally tormented people. She informed us and we went there to transport the bodies. Their extremities were mutilated; there were bruises on the bodies. Everybody was shot in the head..." (v.l, p.c.69)

From the testimony of Muchnik Lev Isaakovich, born in 1930, the resident of Tiraspol:

"...On June 29, 1992 my wife, Staleva Elizaveta Vasilievna, and I were in the garden within the rest area on the right bank of the river Dniester. At about 2 p.m. something exploded in the neighbourhood. As a result my wife's head was injured with a fragment...

... she was unconscious when she was taken to the reanimation of the hospital, where she died..." (v.l, p.c.7-8)

July,23, 1992. Dwellers of Bendery are leaving the town.
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