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16. plausible
a) believable b) unbelievable c) problematic d) costly 17. harsh
a) cruel b) benign c) difficult d) cheerful 18. voyage
a) pathway b) a short trip c) long journey d) a peeping Tom 19. to grieve
a) to deceiveb) to feel sad c) to feel relieved d) to desire 20. tedious
a) boring and uninterestingb) exciting and intriguing c) slow and inaccurate d) fast and accurate 21. adversity
a) easy conditions b) marketing strategy c) difficult circumstances d) quality control 22. ample
a) totally insufficient for needs b) sufficient and a little extra c) increase in volume d) decrease in volume 23. euphoric
a) miserableb) surprised c) indignant d) ecstatic 24. diligent
a) careful and conscientious b) careless and indifferent c) clean and safe d) dirty and dangerous 25. opt
a) lose b) look for c) fine d) choose
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