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In the late 5th - early 6th centuries Slavonic tribes with their own culture came to this land. In consecutive centuries nomadic tribes of Turks dwelt in the area between the Dniester and Proute rivers. In the middle of the 13th century Mongol-Tartars intruded in the land and ruled here until 1345. In the first half of the 14th century powerful Hungary made Mongol-Tartars leave this region. In 1359 as the result of rebellion of local population against Hungarian sway, self-ruled Moldavian Principality headed by Bogdan, a vassal of the Hungarian king, came into being.
By the beginning of the 15th century all lands from the Carpathians to the Black Sea made up the Moldavian Principality with the river Dniester being its eastern border. Our town was a customs post. It was mentioned as Tyagyanyakyach in a deed by Moldavian Ruler Alexander Dobry to Lvov merchants to permit trade in towns along the Dniester dated October 8, 1408. Since the second half of the 15th century the town was known as Tigina.
The Moldavian state became the most prosperous during the government of Stephan III the Great when diplomatic, economic and cultural relations were established between neighbouring states.

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The fragment of Moldavian Ruler Alexander Dobiys deed in which our town was mentioned for the first time as Tyagyanyakyach.
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