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Default Bendery - Transnistria

Propose to make each user like writing about the city for the forum:

Bendery... In Transdniestrian region a city or an inhabited locality could hardly be found which history rooted in deep antiquity would interweave so quaintly with it's present and future. The convenient geographical position, soft climat had long before attracted people. Here at crossroads of trade ways interests of states and peoples met time and again. During centuries on the territory of the region one tribes were replaced by the others, different languages were head: Goths, Guuns, Slava, Tartars, Turks.
The evidence of their presence is in the ancient names of towns: Tungaty, Tyaganakyach, Tigina, Bendery. The strength and power of the Bendery fortress attracted the Swedish king Karl XII; the Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa died at its walls; here Russian soldiers fought and lost their lives during Russian-Turkish wars of the second half of the 18"1 century.

The history of the town is connected with the names of such famous people as the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin, Field-Marshal M.I.Kutuzov, the prince G.Potyomkin-Tavricheskii, the count M.Panin, the playwright I.Kotlyarevskii, the leader of the peasant revolt Yemelyan Pugachyov, the founder of the Ukrainian opera M.Zankovetskaya. Bendery is the Motherland of Academician L.S.Berd, K.K.Gedroits, the founder of the theory of colloid chemistry of soils, Ye.K_Fyodorov, the participants of the expedition "North Pole-1" and the Hero of the Soviet Union. SAShestakov, the Honoured pilot of the USSR and the participant of the flight Moscow - New-York in 1929, and S.I.Poletskii, the Hero of the Soviet Union, were born in Bendery. Nowadays Bendery is the large cultural and industrial centre of Pridnestrovye.

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Being situated in the picturesque place on the bend of the middle flow of the river Dniester and having favourable natural conditions, historical places of interest the town of Bendery is very attractive for tourists.
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