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a) uncurledb) straightc) rolled upd) crumpled 2. vexed
a) interestedb) boredc) amusedd) annoyed 3. stake
a) a passing interest in a project b) a share or interest in a businessc) a cut of meat d) a decision to leave a company4. dour
a) cheerfulb) seriousc) sarcastic d) unpredictable5. ardent
a) slow and steady b) keen and enthusiastic c) wise and knowledgeable d) stiff and formal 6. optimistic
a) hopefulb) reliable c) religious d) sanctimonious 7. pitiless
a) sympatheticb) show kindness c) cruel d) without humour 8. ruddy
a) repugnant b) colourlessc) reddish in colourd) wrinkled 9. authentic
a) genuineb) honestc) falsed) fabricated10. prone to
a) tendency to be affected by something b) difficulty in solving something c) tendency to be aggressive d) difficulty in understanding new ideas 11. to admonish
a) to speak sternlyb) to praise c) to encourage d) to dislike 12. charges
a) advantages b) admissions c) accusations d) dismissals 13. dole
a) child benefit b) state pension c) unemployment benefit d) invalidity benefit 14. evade
a) conquer b) explore c) profit d) avoid 15. melodious
a) harmonious b) mellow c) gracious d) raucous
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