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From the testimony of Gorbacheva Elena Vasilievna, the resident of Bendery, Moldavian:

"...My husband, Gorbachev Nikolay Anatolievich, worked as a welder at the gas department...

In the first decade of July my husband and his colleagues detained the resident of Bendery, Myrka K., who was a forester in Garbovetsky forest and brought food to the forest during the war. In connection with this he was detained and taken to the commandant's office. When he was let out, he took revenge on my husband...

On July 6, 1992 my husband was walking along Pervomaiskaya Street. While he was passing Myrka's house, several men including Myrka came out and started shooting. They hit my husband's legs. Neighbours were indignant at their behaviour, but he began firing at the air and then he killed my husband, got on the motor-cycle and went away.

It was very hard to organize funeral. When we tried to carry out the body, the sniper started firing at the funeral.

...At a crossing we had to wait for about half an hour because of firing. They hit the car, knocked out windows, fortunately, nobody was injured. I have some photos where it is imprinted..." (v.3, p.c. 1-2)
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