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From the testimony of Tatarinova Lyudmila Genadievna, the resident of Bendery:

"...In 1992 I worked as a steward in school N26 at Nekrasova Street, 22 in Bendery. I was liable for breakage.

On June 22 I left the town together with children.

... In August I came back and immediately went to school on August 3, 1992.1 saw a terrible scene. During the war our school was occupied by volunteers and special police forces of Moldova. The school was plundered; there were abusive inscriptions on the walls. All chandeliers, TV sets and refrigerators were taken away. Those things that they couldn't take away were broken (two pianos). The stove was shot, storehouses were broken open.

The damage was huge...

There were slippers produced by the factory "Floare" over the classrooms. They were for the same leg. Volunteers robbed the factory, a part of the booty they brought to the school. When they saw that slippers didn't have pairs, they left them."

(v.2, p.c. 149-150)
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