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From the testimony of Zaim Margaret Alekseevna, the resident of Bendery:

"...Our younger son, Zaim Vladimir Kondratievich, his wife and children lived not far from us... worked at the factory "Moldavcable"... In the middle of June he sprained his ankle and stayed home.

On June 25 my son came to me in the morning, and then he went home. I was waiting for him in the afternoon, but he didn't come.

Soon my acquaintance, who lived next to my son, came and told me that my son had been taken away by volunteers, he had been driven to the village Hadgimus.

... There was no news of my son since then. When peace-mak-ers were brought in, I started looking for my son. I supposed that he could have been taken away to Kaushany; so I went there.

At first I applied to the local police department, but I was directed to the prosecutor's office. I was shown some photos there. There was a photo of my son among them. He was beaten; I could see bruises, injured fingers. I don't know exactly what happened, but I am sure he was brutally tortured.

I was given a certificate in the morgue. It was written there that he was shot on June 21, 1992, but he was taken away on June 25.

When I tried to find out the truth, they told me that they knew nothing...

We re-buried our son in Bendery.

I still don't know why he was killed. He didn't take part in the war, but volunteers and policemen took him away; I found my son killed..." (v.2, p.c.146-147)
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