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Mrs. Drummond came into the room, and greeted me kindly.

«When can you come and have dinner with us, Jacob? Will you come on Wednesday?»

«O mamma! He can’t come on Wednesday; we have company on that day.»

«So we have, my dear; I had forgotten it. But on Thursday we are quite alone; will you come on Thursday, Jacob?»

I hesitated. It was clear that I could not sit at the same table with their guests because I was a waterman.

«Yes, Jacob,» said Sarah, coming to me, «it must be Thursday, and you must come by all means. Although we have greater people on Wednesday their company will not be so pleasant to me as yours.»

This decided me, and I promised to come. Mr. Drummond came in, and I handed to him Mr. Turnbull’s cheque. He was very kind, but did not say anything except that he was glad that I had promised to dine with them on Thursday. The servant came in and announced the carriage at the door. I understood that it was time for me to leave. As Sarah was shaking hands with me, she said laughing:

«We are sorry that we have kept you so long. You have probably lost many good fares already. Go down to your boat, pull off your coat, and make up for lost time! One of these days mamma and I intend to go on the river, so that you shall have two more fares who pay well.»

I laughed and went away, but my pride was badly wounded. The sarcasm of Sarah was not lost upon me. Still there was so much kindness mixed with it that I could not be angry with her. On Thursday I went there, as agreed. They were quite alone, friendly and attentive. But still I felt ill at ease. After dinner Mr. Drummond said very little. He made me no more offers of a job, nor did he ask how I got on in the profession I had chosen. I was glad to leave early, and I did not feel any wish to repeat my visit.

And now, reader, you must allow two years to pass away before I continue my story. I shall tell you briefly of the events of that time.
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