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10.We will have to postpone our trip .... the bad weather. 11.There are many things you can do to get in shape. ...., you can go to the local swimming pool.
12...... he finishes the projections, we'll have done the necessary research to complete the project.
13.She's very pleased that they were able to sell their flat ...
14.. The situation is horrible here. Things are going ....
15.. He's been living in Poland ....
16.. You can trust Joanna to have everything ...
17.. Those customers are .... the most demanding we've ever had.
18.Unfortunately, I might have to leave for Boston ....
19.. ...., you're just going to have to try and get along with your new boss.
20.It'll cost $500 .....
Kebvz Bal v Mnvnl Vndt!
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