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The main building of the 5th rank is situated 1.5 km to the north of the main building of the 1st 4th rank.
The main building of the steam and gas plant (SGP) is a two bay one with an installed deairator device between boilers and an outhouse for the central control panel.
The machine room bay is 45 m, the boiler room one is 39 m, and a longitudinal pitch of columns is 12 m.
The frame of the building is made of bar constructions with steal crossbar girders and collar-beams of the deairator device.
The position of turbo units in the machine room is transversal. The thermal scheme is a block one.
Two steam and gas power blocks (دأس-250) work at Moldavian HPS. After gas turbine they discharge gases into fire-chambers of boilers and then into a 330-meter chimney.

The peculiarities of دأس-250 are:
- the possibility to burn various kinds of fuel in fire- chambers of boilers, while it is used limited amount of high- conditioned fuel for a gas-turbine unit (about 20 or 30 % of usual fuel consumption for a power block);
- the possibility of free-running work of the steam and gas turbines that increases the manoeurability of a power block;
- the possibility of step-by-step launching of steam and gas-turbine parts of a unit.

A gas-turbine unit is a one-shaft unit; a combustion chamber is remote. A turbine rotor is four-graded, a compressor rotor has 14 grades and provides the compression extend of 6.24, air consumption is 215 kg/s.
دأس-250 barring is automatic, the starting period till idling is 20 minutes.

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The central control panel of the 5th rank
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