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Monsieur Tagliabue turned pale as the judge read the following:

«Dear Sir,–

The fellow you mention was once my servant. I turned him out for dishonesty. When he left, Lady Scrope’s maid, who was secretly married to him, left ‘also. Soon I discovered that those two people had stolen a number of things from my house. I wanted to give them over to the police, but I could not find them. Now the whole thing is forgotten, but a greater scoundrel never lived.

Yours, Scrope.»

«Now, Sir what have you to say for yourself?» continued the judge in a severe tone. Tagliabue fell on his knees, begged for mercy from the judge, and held the cheque for 200 pounds back to Mr. Turnbull. The judge, seeing that the captain did not take it, said to him:

«Take your money back again, Mr. Turnbull. He is a dishonest man. It’s quite enough that you have lost the other 600 pounds.»

Mr. Turnbull then took the cheque and tore it in pieces. The judge ordered Monsieur Tagliabue and his wife to be sent back to France. This was the end of the episode with Monsieur Tagliabue.
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