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Invasion in Bendery was worked out thoroughly and timed to the 2-nd anniversary of acceptance of the Declaration of Sovereignty and Independence. The defenders of the territorial integrity of the republic wanted to report of "constitutional power restoration" that day (v. 1, 2, 3, 4).

Substantial help to the aggressors was given by their Big Brother-Romania, which detached fighting machines, armament and ammunition to Moldova. The Rumanian representatives used their participation in quadripartite supervising commissions for reconnaissance work. During the armed conflict in Bendery Rumanian machines, armament and ammunition were supplied, and the Rumanians took part in the conflict under disguise (p.l art. 43, 45. p.c. 149-150, 184-185, v. 3 p.c. 166-228, 50-51, 99-100).
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