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As the shooting begun by the policemen did not stop, the chief of Bendery City Department of Internal Affairs directed a group of people from the department to the police-station for explanation of the situation, however, they were fired by the policemen there, and the firing began. At the same time snipers began to shoot at militiamen, civilians from high-rise buildings. Cars with volunteers, policemen, who fired at streets and civilians, began to arrive in town from different directions; armored machines appeared; the town was exposed to fire.

Firing begun by the policemen caught the members of the City Hall at their working places, some time later policemen fired at them from the armored troop carrier (p.53-54, v.2). In this connection and due to Moldova's Parliament solution to the conflict also on owing to the parliamentary commission activity the town authorities began to telephone Moldova leaders in Kishinev, however, in spite of the fact that it was not 18.00.yet, nobody would answer the calls from Bendery. The calls continued non-stop for a long time but with no result.

If one takes into account above-mentioned circumstances this fact should be expected because "Real men of Moldova" unexpectedly for themselves were obliged to be occupied with the leadership of the operation of "restoration of constitutional order" before the term fixed by them. Bendery authorities could hardly get through to the deputy of Moldova Parliament Berlinsky, but answering the question about the causes of firing at militiamen, civilians and City Hall by the policemen he did not find better answer but advised "surrender" (p.9,40-44, 45-59, 63-64, 71-91, v.2, Appendix 4,p.8).
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