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Tiraspol Liquor Factory Kvint
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The Tiraspol Liquor Factory "KVINT", one of the largest wine-making enterprises of Moldavia, is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1997.
It was founded one hundred years ago as a state monopolistic vodka factory. The fabrication of dry, strong and sweet wines was launched in 1934 cognac spirits were produced and filled into oak barrels in order for them to mature. 1937 is the year in which ordinary cognacs were born. The wines, cognacs and other drinks, made by the factory`s specialists, have a unique taste and flavor, and have earned great fam-e far beyond the borders of Moldavia.

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Legend of the Moldavian beauty Lyana
The difficult, delicate art of making wine has to be learned and studied for many years. A people's legend tells of the Moldavian beauty Lyana , the heart of which could neither be thawed by the warm words nor by the sincere songs of a young viticulturist. Only the sparkling wine, made by the youth, could bewitch the girl. The boy grew the vine with his very own hands, collected the grapes and from them prepared a wine with a most extraordinary taste, putting into this endeavor his very soul, heart and love for the beautiful lyana.

From that time on legend has it that the person who drinks Moldavian wine will live in love and harmony to the age of 100 years. The roots of the legend that tells of the "living water" go back to very ancient times. The legend tells of the existence of such a water and says that it possesses magic qualities, can heal the most serious illness and bequeaths cheerfulness upon a person.

The vision of this miracle drink in some way foretold its actual appearance.

It eventually came into existence in the form of cognac. The beverage received its name from the French city of Cognac, where it was first produced a little over three hundred years ago. After England had declared war on France, the French merchants were deprived of the main market for their light, dry wines. The precious liquid began to spoil. Then somebody suggested distilling the wine. The result was "fire water", which soon found its admirers. It was noted that the longer the liquid was kept in the barrels, the better its taste and fragrance became.

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When speaking of the magnificent Moldavian wines, one must not forget to mention the remarkable cognacs that are produced in this warm, sunny country. Owing to the great skill of its specialists, the factory produces several kinds of cognacs of the highest quality.

Even far from Moldavia the cognac with the beautiful name "Bely Aist" (White Stork), made from five-year-old cognac spirit, is renowned. The snow-white bird that carries the invigorating bunch of grapes has become the emblem of Moldavian wine-making. Its picture on the labels of Moldavian wines and cognacs is famous in dozens of countries around the worid.

The technology of cognac production is very specific as well as toilsome. As a result of the long time the cognac spirits are kept in the oak barrels, and owing to a variety of substances that penetrate from the wine-berries and wine substance into the spirit during distillation, the spirit acquires its characteristic amber-golden color with its flowery fragrance and pleasant taste/

admin 05-17-2015 10:14 PM

The cognacs made by the "KVINT" factory are a sublime addition to any festive table. The cognacs have won 34 gold and silver medals in international competitions. The Щ cognac is exceptionally rich in extract sub- g stances. As an example it contains, in concentrated form, all the beneficial substances contained in theflpine-berries and the wine.
That is why cognac is a drink iu that is to be enjoyed, at the same time possessing curative properties.

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In 1957 the factory's specialists worked out the first fine cognac, called "Doina". The production technology of the fine cognacs is unique and quite toilsome. At first grape-wine has to be prepared. The kind of grape, the climate in which it grows, its ripeness - all this greatly influences the quality of the future cognac spirit. In order for the drink to obtain its amber-golden color and pleasant taste with the delicate fragrance of wild flowers and a vanilla hue, the cognac spirit is kept in oak barrels for more than six years.

admin 05-17-2015 10:17 PM

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The Tiraspol Liquor Factory "KVINT" puts out 10 kinds of premium cognacs, the spirits of which are kept in oak barrels anywhere from 3 to 40 years. Among them are "Tiras", "Doina", "Solnechny", "Syurprisny", "Nistru", "Viktoria", and "Yubileiny" - all gold and silver medal winners of various international contests.

It suffices to say that the cognac "Yubileiny" is made from thirty-year-old spirits.
A short while ago the liquor factory put out the cognac "Suvorov" in honor of the 200th anniversary of the city of Tiraspol. The cognac's spirits were kept for forty years before preparation of the drink.
The result was a cognac with unique attributes, more than suitable for the glorious jubilee.

admin 05-17-2015 10:17 PM

The factory's specialists constantly work on the perfection of the technology and the expansion of the product range. In 1992 the vodka "Russkaya" and the national drinks "Zorile", "Strugurash", and "Streluchitor" were put into production. A series of strong drinks called "Kvinti" was developed. In 1994 a new, modernly equipped department for the production of a wide range of vodka was inaugurated. In particular the production of the vodkas "Stolichnaya" and "Moskovskaya" was developed.

These vodkas are made from the grain spirit "Extra", and their great flavor qualities have been highly appraised by the consumers. The improvement of the creative design of the liquor production promotes a rise in competitiveness and increased demand on the Russian and foreign markets.

admin 05-17-2015 10:19 PM

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The cognacs produced by the "KVINT" factory, that have absorbed the powerful energy of the sun, the caring warmth of the hands and keenness of the minds of the specialist wine-makers, are ideal for any festive occasion.

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