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  1. westminsterda o'qiydigallar bormi?
  2. what is most popular in the world American speech or British?
  3. What do you find in your all life? Or what did you loose?
  4. why do WE love someone?
  5. Who find all in your life?
  6. how to learn to think positively
  7. Who like oringe? Or don't like it?
  8. why do girls usually have long hair?
  9. Who knows any jokes ?
  11. how to change life
  12. hello everybody!my name is Nurmuhammad. I want to learn speak english! HELP ...
  13. much pain for a paper?
  14. Barcelona - Real Madrid 3 0
  15. is here anybody or i " m alone here
  16. who know why people cry?
  17. Barsa is the best team all over the world for ever.
  18. Do you enjoy study English?
  19. who want do practice english and come Antalya, Turkey???
  20. hello everyone!
  21. Every day- study, study but no practical conversation...
  22. Hi
  23. Write about yourself.
  25. hopefully, real madrid will overcome barselona, go real madrid
  26. Fans of Real Madrid.. It ain't worth crying , the match is History ! :-) -) ...
  27. Hello everybody. My name is Bekzod. I'm 14. I'm new in this group.
  28. Write rules: tenses!
  29. What you want in this life.
  30. Learn english fluently
  31. share your live with other although don't be selfish ! Do you agree with me?
  32. Where you learning english?
  33. Ingliz tilida gaplawiw u4un ozbek qizi kerey,
  34. Hi everybody! Do we have BACKSTREET BOYS' fans here? If anybody likes this band ...
  35. If you have any grammar problem,write it. And we can solve it.
  36. I'm a newcomer...
  37. I want to Learn English. Who is help me.
  38. I wanna join u and make conversation
  39. i like english language
  40. your life depends on your surroundings if its right atmosphere you go right, or ...
  41. there is no place like home!
  42. It's not easy to life without money! Is it?
  43. What do you like?
  44. What are you think , what is love
  45. Let's go to speak in different themes to improve our speach!
  46. What's your favourite colour?
  47. I think some people don't like holiday! And you? I like holiday!
  48. hey, people. I opened New group called English Forever. please enter my new ...
  49. What's the difference between 'such' & 'a such'
  50. can we speak in Engliw as a mother tongue?
  51. If you want to say anything please say
  52. I wan't learn english, who can help me
  53. Buxorodagi eng yaxwi ingliz tili 6qitv4isi bu...
  54. happy new year 2012! New Year greetings
  55. English changed my life!!!
  56. What's your favourite domestic animal?
  57. can u tell me ideoms which we can use in evryday life
  58. Happy new year!
  59. English is my...
  60. Hello people ! I want to learn Engliw very well )
  61. Who is the best beautiful girl?
  62. Your opinion about 'Maya''s prediction that : 'in 2012 end of the world'
  63. network or book ?!
  64. font color=#993300 size=7 Ingliz tili va IELTS o'rganuvchilar va abiturentlar un ...
  65. nowadays what's your favourite song?
  66. can you write your favourite book's name ?
  67. Sports and games my last weekend матн тузишга ёрдам бериворингла
  68. If you don't know what is friendship, Don't make friends.
  69. Girls, i'm goinog to you! What's more important to you your boyfriend or his ...
  70. My future Profession
  71. Your friend is your brother but your brother is not necessarily your friend
  72. My favourite TV program
  73. What's more important love or education,career!
  74. Happy New Year all girls
  75. Guys, let's share our experinces with English! Who did (or doin') what to ...
  76. A nice wish for New Year.
  77. Nobody is perfect,but me =) (Никто не совершенен кроме меня)
  78. Hello there!!! Hello to every single member of this group!!! Well, i am one of ...
  79. Salom! Iltimos manga ingliz tilini 6rganiwimda yordam bervorila. Yordam ...
  80. New Year is coming! Write ur wishes! And ur wishes r important for Santa!!!
  81. An apple a day , keeps a doctor away !
  82. DO/DOES. General question(Obwui vopros). 1 Vspomagatelnyi glagol+2 podlejawee+3 ...
  83. Hello everybody! I have a question: if u had a chance to choose which following ...
  84. Do you prefer American or British English? And why?
  85. -Doctor,doctor, my little boy, just swallowed a roll of film, - hmmm,lets hope ...
  86. Friends
  87. -Doctor,doctor Ive lost my memory, - When did this happen? - when did what ...
  88. i am listenig to istanbul with my eyes closed... (Orhan Veli)
  89. Hello everybody! Start chatting and meeting!
  90. Poviwaem slovarnui zapas. Kajdoe novoe slovo na4inaetsya na poslednuu bukvu ...
  91. I'd like to congratulate you on New Year! I wish you long life, health, ...
  92. am new at russia ...i dont have frinds ..!! and i cant speak russian ..
  93. Give advice to others sincerely!
  94. What would happen if people spoke the same language all over the world(I mean if ...
  95. Beautiful flowers are soon picked!
  96. I am looking for my friend!
  97. Can you advantages and disadvantages of internet
  98. Can you tell advantages and disadvantages of internet share your opinions
  99. *** CHAT ROOM FOR FRIENDS ***. Let's talk here about whatever we want EXCEPT ...
  100. Happy New Year! I wish you strong health, much wealth, sadness never, happiness ...
  102. Har kim oz ismini bosh harfiga inglizcha soz yozsin,ok!
  103. I wish you a Happy New Year!
  104. What is the role of money in your life?
  105. It s easy to quit smoking. I ve done it hundreds of times Бросить курить легко. ...
  106. Let's learn slangs and jargons. You are welcome!!!
  107. Who is help need
  108. Quotes to live by ...
  109. I learned Engliw in the school and the lytheum. I read skulte and grammar books. ...
  110. Everybody hasn't the best friend as their parents. What about you
  112. What is your favorite city? And why?
  113. what is your favorite film?
  114. $How far have you got your dreams$
  115. Who knows English proverbs?
  116. What are you dream of in future?
  117. Can you speak Engliw?
  118. Hi. Lets chatting
  119. Who has been in America?
  120. My dear!!! Join my group English World and improve, practise your second ...
  121. I'm Prince but I haven't white horse :(
  122. - ку F-лу G-жи H-ри I-ки J- зу K-ме L-та М-рин N- то O-мо P-но Q-ке R- ши S-ари ...
  123. Which actors and popstars do you want to see in your wedding?
  124. A GAME. I can.../ I can't... The first participant writes what he/she can..., ...
  125. A GAME. I like (love...)/ I don't like (love...) The first participant writes ...
  126. Rihanna- we found love
  127. Lost time is never found again. Потерянное время никогда не вернётся.
  128. I want all who are in this group to learn English language very well!
  129. isticexplealidoutuous) wuni tarjimasini blasilami 1ta s6z???
  130. Hello my name is Malika.I am very intiresting How old are you.Yowila ...
  131. tell me about yourself. Where are from? How old are you? And etc.
  132. Who can write english anecdotes? Please here...
  133. I congratulate all guys who r member of this group with January 14. Wish health ...
  134. Write the most beautiful name for you. It's not important what nation's ...
  135. Have u girlfriend or boyfriend? Describe him/her
  136. Help!!! Kak mojno skazat po english 'eto maya slabaya storona'?
  137. Hi guys
  138. hamma o'zi haqida englischa ma'lumot yozsin
  139. ''Time is money''
  141. I think: Lost time is never found again.am I right?
  142. Is your best friend more important than your love?
  143. CHOOSE. Messi or Ronaldo
  144. Let's talking an english together for improve our knowladge
  145. Love is little word, people make it big!
  146. Hi people can u help me?
  147. i am learner
  148. hi! who want to study in USA?and do u know any programs?...
  149. What does an English specialist do?
  150. Which institute is the best in Tashkent ? And why ?
  151. I have a big cat in my pocket
  152. hi everyone.my name is aizada. Nice to meet you.. Dobavlyaites* v druz*ya jdu
  153. ''Real Madrid'' feat ''Barcelona''. Which club will win?
  154. Why do you like to chat on the internet? Po4emu tebe nravitsya obwatsya po ...
  155. it s very good idea to make this group)))i think it's very interestin'...let's ...
  156. Money is important but is not the most important thing in life!
  157. Describe your lovely pair.
  158. What can you never eat for breakfast?
  159. Good night everybody who watched match about real-BARSA
  160. How are you.?
  161. who can help me ?!
  162. I wish success in everybody's study
  163. Sensiz ham hayotda baxtliman! suzini tarjima qiberiyla iltimos.
  165. All alone
  166. Fun and informative Australian English videos
  167. hey everyone!
  168. Your love!
  169. Later better than never!
  170. it is hard to find someone knowing english in this website. but this group would ...
  171. taking high mark is my heart's desire so i need all of your help!
  172. never be afraid to do what you want,никогда не бойся делать то чего хочешь
  173. French lang. is easier or English ?????
  174. Let's talk about our unforgetable day that happened in your life..
  175. What kinds of gifts do you like to give?
  176. ey guy! how are you
  177. Nowadays, who is the best actor in HOLLYWOOD ?
  178. who is very good girl or very good boy.? And why
  179. If you would have an opportunity to change one part of your life, which part you ...
  180. Salom hammaga man shu instutda uqiydigan bir insonni qidirayapman yordam ...
  181. Speaking an Englis with Dilshod.
  182. continue... When I'm going to home I met one unknown girl...
  183. ENGLISH
  184. how did you celebrate new year?
  185. HELLO!
  186. Salom grupadgi hammaga man ingliz tilini 6rganmoq4iman leki qayoqqa boriwwi ...
  187. Menga ham orgatila,iltimos
  188. Life is a game
  189. engish the best language
  190. Can we write in english?
  191. face on the table:D
  192. english is the best language
  193. Good, better, best. Never, never rest till your good is better, and your better ...
  194. privet vsem! komy interesno izychenie english v Ireland.pishite
  195. Hello everybody.
  196. only english name
  197. Hi, i want to be in your group.
  198. Hi
  199. what's your hobby?
  200. Mne skoro na bazu v Afgan,mne nujno obwenie...Help meee,please.
  201. so boring... everythng is the same... Is there somebody who can make me happy??? ...
  202. Hello, Ma dear friends! If u wanna improve ur English and take friends, lets ...
  203. good morning everybody) the weather is amazing today))) have a nice day my ...
  204. We must work hard to get something we want!
  205. I love English!
  206. dear participants of this groupp, all of you who wants to improve your english ...
  207. hello!
  209. Barcelona forever!
  210. Write 'I love you' at another language which is you know.
  211. How many people do you consider your "best friends?"Can you describe one of your ...
  212. helloo my new friend how are you?
  213. Hi,pips, how re u? I wanna practice my english, would u like to help me?!:-)
  214. hi my friends! My main goal going to the USA and improve my knowledge and change ...
  215. Hi friends..
  216. Whаt is your hоbby my dеar friеnd?
  217. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,so love the people who ...
  218. whats your embition!
  219. Life ends when u stop believing, hope ends when u stop dreaming, love ends when ...
  220. Write quotation from your favorite song and singer's name))
  221. Who wants to talk in english with me.
  222. Let's speak about...
  223. Hi
  224. I offer you to listen Hotel California by eagles
  225. what would you do if your friend asked you for money?
  226. Hello my new friends:) nice to meet you:)
  227. Do you like beer?
  228. Hi... Нow аrе you?
  229. Which country do you want to visit?Why?Explain in English.
  230. What are your secret wishes you have that you would love to come true?
  231. Hi! Dear girls and boys...
  232. What did you do on your last birthday?
  233. What can computers do?
  234. Backstreet boys "DROWNING"
  235. lets write English
  236. what sort of muzik do you like write about it ?
  237. CHAT
  238. what is meaning of 'FANTA'?
  239. How can i learn english
  240. Hello I do not know English. but I want to learn how to speak properly
  241. what is your name?
  242. Hello!
  243. hi, i want to tolk you in english.
  244. who want to practice yours English. You can write me to private. I'll be happy ...
  245. Woman is invitation for happiness!
  246. dear participant's of this group, if you know juridical words let's write it ...
  247. English is the father of language!
  248. Hello how do you do?
  249. men uzbekcha yozaman siz english.da tarjima qling...chunki men urganishim kerak. ...
  250. do you know english? Do you want to learn english?